TATTOO Magu has started since 1999 in Osaka, Japan until we closed our studio in Osaka in 2015. Since 2016, we have been working in Zeist, Utrecht state, in Netherland. TATOO Magu provides not only original custom work, but also we work with all styles, like Black and gray, Japanese style, Realistic, Small tattoo, and Lettering tattoo.


Reservations and inquiries thank you from here. Please contact us by telephone Note If you are in a hurry. If you want to send
photographs, etc. Please send it to
(Please feel free to come by the shop at TATTOO Magu in Zeist, Utrecht.)


TATTOO Magu has a Japanese artist and a Dutch artist. So you can use Japanese, English or Dutch.


1e Hogeweg 2 A
3701 HK Zeist

Please come and see me if you visit Utrecht.

From Utrecht Central to Zeist it is 10 minutes by train.
From Utrecht Central to Zeist it is 20 minutes by car.
From Utrecht Central to Zeist it is 35 minutes by bus.
From Schiphol Airport to Zeist it is 45 minutes by car.
From Amsterdam Central to Utrecht Central it is 25 minutes by train.